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How to Use Self-leveling Laser Level for Framing

A self-leveling laser level is arguably the best construction laser level because of its versatility, higher visibility, and accuracy. Framing is one of the constructions works you can use your self-leveling laser level to complete with ease. To perform your framing efficiently, the first step you should take is to choose the best self leveling laser level at Laser Level Hub by reading reviews. Once you have chosen the right laser level, please perform the following steps.

Set Your Walls

You need a chalk line to set your walls before framing and when you are framing the walls in an existing space. Don’t use a water level to set the walls, they can fade and make visibility impossible. You can also make use of your laser line to project a single line across the wall, floor, or ceiling for the framing. This line will not fade with time. Make sure the level is not set on an unusual surface to avoid crooked lines.

Find Your High and Low Spots

When you frame a wall, you want to ensure that the floor is leveled too. You can ensure this by setting your laser level to project a horizontal line across the area or room where the wall will be framed. Use a tape to measure the distance between the floor and beam. The reason being that you should level those spots before you begin to frame your wall. Without leveling the spots, even the best self leveling laser level will not give you an accurate result. You can read more Helpful reviews on laser leveling tools as well as construction laser level to learn about leveling different spots before framing.

Frame the Walls

To use your laser level to frame the walls, you must set it in such a way that a vertical beam is projected. The next step is to set up your laser in the direction you want the wall to be, and that should give you a line projection across your floor to the ceiling. With the projected line, you can build the frame from the bottom of the wall to the top plates. At this point, you can create a benchmark for the position of the beamed line and then turn off the laser level, before working on your markings.

When framing is completed, you should check your work. You can achieve this by turning the laser level on again and setting it up to a vertical beam and then check if it aligns perfectly with your framing. By simply judging the distance between your wall frame and laser beam, you will be able to detect whether the wall is leaning in or out, and adjust accordingly. Please read more on to be sure about laser level accuracy when framing walls and floors.


The self-leveling laser level is the best level tool for framing walls, and you should be careful about the quality of laser level you purchase. Please read more content on the best laser level for the money on his site before you make up your mind on what level tool to choose.


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