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・Catalogue of Type Specimens of Parasitic Helminths Preserved in Meguro Parasitological Museum
・Check List of Parasitic Helminths of Wild Animals in Japan








The Museum has published a wide variety of documents such as seven Japanese volumes (1961-1999) and eight English volumes (1964-2003) of "Progress of Medical Pahrasitology in Japan", "Research Bulletin of the Meguro Parasitological Museum".


Vol.7 676 pages    ISBN4-9980726-2-5
24500 Yen + Shipping cost

Vol.8 683 pages    ISBN4-9980726-3-3

24500 Yen + Shipping cost      




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Vol. 7 Contents
Preface  Otsuru, M.
<1> General introduction  Kamegai, S.

<2> Taxonomy, Morphology and Parasite Fauna
1. General View Hasegawa, H.
12. Parasitic Crustacea Nagasawa, K.

<3> Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1. General View Takeuchi, T.
4. In Vitro Cultivation of Parasitic Helminths Yasuraoka K. and Hara, H.
7. Molecular Biology of Helminths  Sugane, K.

<4> Immunology
1.General View 
Ishizaki, T.
2. Antigen Presentation in Protozoan Infection Yano, A., Nagaoka, K. and Aosai, F.
4. IgE in Helminth Infections Watanabe, N.
8. Schistosomiasis Vaccine  Kojima S.

<5> Diagnosis
1. General View Tsuji, M.
<6> Protozoa
1. General View Takada, S.
4. American Trypanosomiasis Kanbara, H.
5. African Trypanosomiasis Takayanagi, T.
6. Leishmaniasis Hashiguchi, Y.
7. Entamoeba histolytica  Takeuchi, T.
9. Cryptosporidiosis Iseki, M.
10. Toxoplasmosis Kobayashi, A.
13. Blastocystis infection Yamada, M.

Vol. 8 Contents
Preface  Otsuru, M.
<1> General introduction Kamegai, S.

<2> Trematodes
General View Yasuraoka, K.
7. Schistosomiasis Mekongi Yasuraoka, K. and Iijima, T.
10. Avian Schistosome Dermatitis in Japan Matsumura, T. and Sasaki, S.
11. Biology of Paragonimus  Kawashima, K.
12. Paragonimiasis Otsuji, Y.
13. Epidemiology of Paragonimiasis Nishida, H. and Shibahara, T.
14. Metagonimus --Research done after 1960--Saito, S.

<3>. Cestodes
1.General View Kamo, H.
3. Spirometra erinaceieuropaei 
(1) Biology Uchida, A.
5. Biology of Echinococcus Oku, Y. and Kamiya, M.
6. Immunity in Cestode Infection
(2) Immunity to the Larval Cestodes Ito, A.

<4> Nematodes
1.General View
Otsuru, M.
2. Trichinellosis Yamaguchi, T.
3. Strongyloidiasis Sato, Y.
4. Angiostrongylosis Nishimura, K.
5. Anisakiasis
(1) Biology Kagei, N.
7. Gnathostomiasis
9. Dirofilariasis Kagei, N.
10. Onchocerciasis Tada, I.
11. Lymphatic Filariasis Fujita, K.

<5> International Medical Cooperation
1. General View Tada, I.
6. Japanese Medical Aid Programs in Latin AmericaTada, I.

<6> Control
Control of Parasitoses in Japan 
Kagei, N. and Hayashi, S.