The museum is a nonprofit, charitable organization. It has been admission free since it was established. However, running the museum has become increasingly costly, and donations from individuals and corporations provide us with invaluable financial resources. Your contribution is essential and will be much appreciated.

    The amount of donation in fiscal 2020\13,076,300 as of Jan. 31. Thank you for your cooperation.

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 There is a donation box on the first floor. You may also donate via credit cards. Please ask the museum staff.

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 You will be redirected to the PayPal website when you click on the Donate button.

The description is "Donate to Meguro Parasitological Museum(目黒寄生虫館)"

Please input any amount of Japanese Yen in the "Price per item" box.


153-0064 東京都目黒区下目黒4‐1‐1

TEL 03-3716-1264(音声案内)

FAX 03-3716-2322

開館時間 午前10時~午後5時

休館日    毎週月曜日・火曜日/年末年始


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