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Welcome to the Meguro Parasitological Museum

  The Meguro Parasitological Museum is a private research facility that was established in 1953 with the private funds of a medical doctor, Satoru Kamegai. The museum exhibits about 300 parasite specimens and related materials. On the first floor we present the “Diversity of Parasites” displaying various types of parasite specimens with accompanying  educational movies. The second floor exhibits are “Human and Zoonotic Parasites” showing parasite life cycles and the symptoms they cause during human infection. In addition to research, the museum also performs other activities such as education, and provides special publications.  


Chief director of the foundation


Museum director

​ Museum Activities

The researchers at this museum collect parasites of various animals and conduct studies on morphology, taxonomy, distribution of parasites, etc. They also give presentations at academic meetings and submit articles to academic journals.

The museum offers work-study programs and lectures, and sells prepared parasite specimens for educational purposes.

The museum collects and preserves about 60,000 parasite specimens (including 1,500 type specimens).
The museum also contains 50,000 papers and 6,000 books on parasitology and parasitic diseases.


The museum has published a wide variety of documents such as "Progress of Medical Parasitology in Japan" and "Research Bulletin of the Meguro Parasitological Museum".

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