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The museum shop (located on second floor) offers original parasite-related museum materials and books.

Feel free to purchase an item as a memoir.

We apologize that none of these items are able to be sold by mail-order to ship overseas. (We ship domestic JAPAN only.)




10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.






                                  Museum Guidebook English Edition (Color / 16 pages) 300Yen
valuable guidebook is absolutely helpful for your visit.















T-shirts 2300 Yen - 3380 Yen

You can get UNIQUE T-shirts at the shop.

6 types T-shirts are sold and available sizes are depends on designs.

Above all, the best number is a black shirt with a “raised”

tapeworm across the front. You can feel it!













            Postcard, Ruler etc…





●Magnet (Diplozoon / Tapeworm)  500 Yen





●Phone Strap (Anisakis / Nyblinia / Oncomelania nosophora)   1500 Yen

●Sticky Tags (Diplozoon) 320 Yen




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