Reopening of the Meguro Parasitological Museum

The Meguro Parasitological Museum has reopened since June 10th, 2020. 

Please be advised as follows to prevent COVID-19.

​●Request to visitors

・Please refrain from visiting the museum if you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of illness.
・Wear a mask. Follow “Coughing manners
・We will not accept groups (5 or more people).
・Talk quietly.
・Do not touch the exhibits.
・Do not eat and drink. If you have cans or bottles, put them in your bag.
・Keep your social distance at 2 meters (6 feet).

・Some exhibits are suspended such as hands-on objects.

​●Support us

With the museum closed due to the COVID-19, your support is vitally important.

There is a donation box on the first floor. Online donation (PayPal) is also available.


153-0064 東京都目黒区下目黒4‐1‐1

TEL 03-3716-1264(音声案内)

FAX 03-3716-2322

開館時間 午前10時~午後5時

休館日    毎週月曜日・火曜日/年末年始


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